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Import Users

Users can be imported from a pre-configured Microsoft Excel value (XLS) file. The primary purpose of this is for easily adding a list of new users. Secondarily, it could be used for updates to existing users, but this is not recommended as a normal process due to the high risk of unintentionally overwriting previous user settings. As with all other functions in Project Insight, there is no undo option for mistakes which update or add users into the user database.


Steps for creating an import file:

1. Export a CSV file from the user administration user list to use as the template for your import. You will find a Quick Select option in the Display Options named Default User Import which you can use to ensure that you include both the required and most common data columns used for the user import. You may want to place a filter on the user list prior to the export to minimize the number of existing users in the file if the only purpose of this export is as a template for new users. It's good to have one user in the export as an example for the data fields needed, but that user line can be deleted from the spreadsheet once the example is no longer needed and before the actual import.

2. Modify the data in the file to contain only new users. Optionally, you can leave existing users in the file, but this is not recommended.

3. Save the completed file as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook file.


The format of the Excel file must be used as-is without modification to any data cell formatting prior to the import. It must also contain the following required fields:

1. Username (unique and used to determine if it this user is an update to an existing user or a new user to import)

2. First Name

3. Last Name

4. Email Address


The import process will take you through the following steps.

1. Prompt for the Excel file to import.

2. List the users available to import. This list will require a checkbox by each user to import.

3. Confirm the completion of the import with a list of the imported users.


Passwords are automatically generated for all new users who are imported. The configuration option to use a Windows password (on-premise option only) will not generate a password.