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Baseline from Microsoft Project

Although Project Insight does not import Microsoft Project baselines into Project Insight baselines, it does save baseline data from imported Microsoft Project files in the Project format for use upon export back to Project. The process for saving MS Project baselines in a Project Insight project is as follows:

  1. Export the Project Insight project to a Microsoft Project file.
  2. Save the baseline in MS Project, using the Tools -> Tracking -> Save Baseline feature.
  3. Save the MS Project file (you must do this after saving the baseline in step 2) using the Project XML format.
  4. Import the saved MS Project XML file into Project Insight.
  5. The next time you need to save the baseline, export the Project Insight project into MS Project XML format, and repeat steps 2 through 4.
  6. To view baseline data, always export the Project Insight project into MS Project XML format.

The tracking Gantt chart will display the original baseline as set in MS Project. If you wish to save more baselines, you can do so by repeating the steps above with the additional baseline(s).