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Communication Permissions Settings

What is the purpose of the Communications settings?

Communication settings can be set at the Company, Group or User level. The default for these settings is a single setting at the All Authenticated Users level which is set so that all users communicate with all users. Many Project Insight configurations maintain this default setting so that no other communication settings are ever required. To better understand whether or not your environment should change this default, it is important to understand what it means to have communications permissions between users.

Communication grants the following:

  1. The user is visible in the My Directory
  2. The user is available to a project manager for assignment to a project and its tasks
  3. The user is available for the assignment of a To-Do
  4. The user is available in the email directory when using the Project Insight email send

Permissions to communicate, in and of themselves, do not grant any authority for one user over another. The main purpose of the communications settings is to allow one company to do business with multiple companies, while restricting those competing companies from seeing each others' users. This would be of particular importance if the host company for the Project Insight projects was simultaneously engaged in collaborative projects for competing clients.