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Forward Progress

What is forward progress, and how is it calculated?

Forward progress is a date and time value. It is used to help determine on-schedule status for projects and tasks. The forward progress date and time are based on the task(s) completion status. If a four-day duration task starting at the beginning of the day Monday is 50% complete, the forward progress date will be the end of the day the following Tuesday (assumes Monday through Wednesday are full working days in the work schedule).  

If forward progress for a task reflects a date and time prior to the current date and time, the task is considered to be behind schedule. The same calculation is done across multiple tasks within a project to determine the overall project schedule adherence. In any instance where a project is displaying as behind schedule, the next step is to review the individual tasks to see more specifically which tasks are responsible for the behind schedule condition. 

Similar analysis for budget status based on % complete is covered in the Earned Value and Planned Value FAQ.