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Project Permissions

Why am I unable to edit project information or upload files to a project?

Every project has three project resource-types that may be associated to the project:

1. A Task Resource has no project schedule editing capabilities.

2. A Project Scheduler has limited to editing schedule data, but not budgetary data.

3. A Project Manager has complete control of the project schedule.

These three designations are done on a project-to-project basis, with no relationship to the user profile settings at the system level. In other words, a user with Project Manager privileges at the system level does not have project manager privileges on any projects unless granted project-manager privileges within the specific project.

Another level of permissions present within a project may be the item permissions, in the event that the system administrator has restricted user functions using item permissions. The system administrator must make certain that project managers have full system-level permissions to a project in order for the project manager to access the project and edit the project schedule. For example, if a system administrator were to place a new project in a folder that is inaccessible to the project manager, the project manager privileges within the project are irrelevant. The project manager is unable to access the project in the first place.

The general rule is that full permissions to project managers must be maintained within the project's item properties by the system administrator. Other project participants must minimally have read access to the project as well. There may be instances where non-project manager resources to a project may not have full item permissions within the project. Examples of this could include the following scenarios:

1. A resource may have read-only permissions so that he or she cannot add threads and/or upload files within the project.

2. A resource may have read and add permissions so that they may read and add threads and/or upload files within the project, but not make changes to threads and files placed into the project by other users.