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Project Options Considerations

For the purpose of this topic, we will focus primarily on the Default Project Options general tab within the Administration Global Settings. It is nearly identical to the options within a single project and the same general rules apply. Please open either your Default Project Options page or a Project Options page for a specific project for reference while reviewing this document.

The General tab is separated into three sections. The selections in these sections set distinctly different options which should be carefully considered when making the selections. The importance of setting these options correctly prior to your production roll-out depends upon how it is being used. The following factors will mean that a detailed understanding of these settings is critical prior to the production roll-out of Project Insight:

  1. Customer projects will be billed based on time and/or expense information.
  2. High volumes of new projects and tasks are expected to be implemented immediately upon initial roll-out.
  3. Differing resource work schedules are expected to automate scheduling changes within projects.

Default Project Options Make No Changes to Existing Data

One very important rule as to changes in these Default Project Options settings is that they do NOT change settings in existing projects. The only exception to this rule is one global setting in the first check box to "Enable Project Managers the ability to add resources to the projects they manage." No other changes will change existing data in the system. Changes to options simply change the default settings for any new items (projects) added. Let's make sure this rule is very clear with a couple of examples:

Example 1: A Project Insight application administrator changes every check box and selection on the Default Project Options page, other than that very first check box noted earlier as an exception to this rule. Users and project managers will see no change to any existing projects. The options for the existing projects are already attached to those projects and do not change. This no changes rule includes new projects added from existing templates if those templates were added prior to the administrator's Default Project Options changes. Templates work just like other existing projects and new project's get their Project Options from the template, not the Default Project Options. If changes to the Project Options on previously existing projects (including projects in the Template state) are to be changed, a project manager for each of those projects will need to individually change each project.

Example 2: For this second example, we'll move down to the Default Task Options as set on a single project to demonstrate how this rule applies down through the task entries as well. A project manager opens the Project Options within a single project and changes the Default Task Adjustment Type from % of Resources' Workday to Resources' Work. No existing tasks within the project will change to adjust to Resources' Work, but rather will remain with the task adjustment originally assigned of % of Resources' Workday. New tasks entered will default to the new adjustment type of Resources' Work. If the project manager wants changes to the task adjustment type for the previously entered tasks, then the project manager must individually change each of the previously entered tasks.