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Invoice Line Items

Once you save an invoice, you need to add line items (i.e. the details of what your customer sees). Adding invoice line items is done through either the selection of a time line item type or an expense line item type. See Invoicingfor more details on how to create an invoice and start the add of an invoice line item.

The same invoice line item add/edit form is used for both time and expenses (although some of the drop downs may change depending on whether it is a time or expense.

Available time and expense entries for addition to the invoice line items are selected based on the following criteria:

1. All time or expense entries on a project containing the company assigned to this invoice, regardless of the company contract associated to this invoice.

2. All non-project time or expense entries for the invoice company.

Note: When adding line items to an invoice you must use a Line Item Time Code if you intend to use the QuickBooks export feature.

Default Company and Default Company Contract refer to the Company and Contract currently associated to the project task. If the time or expense entry was entered to the invoice company without an association to a task, both fields will be blank.

Invoice items are created, with time or expense entries as the detailed sub-items of the invoice line items. Only the invoice line items are exported to the QuickBooks file, with the detailed time and expense entry data preserved for future reference by authorized Project Insight invoicing users. If you do wish to export the detail within the invoice, you may do so by exporting the invoice to Microsoft Excel with the "Show line item detail" box checked.