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QuickBooks Web Services


The QuickBooks web services allow you exchange data between Project Insight and Quickbooks. This data exchange is initiated through use of the QuickBooks Web Connector. The QuickBooks Web Connector is a free Windows application that is provided by Intuit. Newer versions of QuickBooks Pro automatically install the Web Connector when QuickBooks is installed. It can also be downloaded here:

Currently, the following data from QuickBooks can be imported into Project Insight: invoices, vendor bills, vendor credits, checks and credit card charges. QuickBooks invoices are imported into Project Insight as new invoices while vendor bills, vendor credits, checks and credit card charges are imported into Project Insight as new expense entries. Please note QuickBooks transactions must be linked to a job, and that job must be matched up to a Project Insight project before those transactions will be imported. This means that jobs in QuickBooks need to have a valid Project Insight project value stored in the designated QuickBooks custom field.

The QuickBooks Web Services Settings

To configure the QuickBooks web services navigate to the following location: Administration > Global Settings > QuickBooks Web Services

The form will look like this:

You must select at least one import option. Again, QuickBooks invoices are imported into Project Insight as new invoices while vendor bills, vendor credits, checks and credit card charges are imported into Project Insight as new expense entries.

You must select the user account that the web service will use when it performs all the data import actions into Project Insight.

You must select the expense code to use for when a QuickBooks item on a invoice does not have an account or if you have disabled the creation of missing expense codes. If you enable the creation of expense codes then new expense codes will be created in Project Insight based on the account name associated with the QuickBooks transaction being imported.

You must select at least one project type to be kept in sync.

You must specify how to match up QuickBooks jobs to Project Insight projects.

First, you must create a custom field for jobs in QuickBooks. The name of the custom field must be entered into the settings form exactly as it appears in QuickBooks (in QuickBooks, custom fields are added to Jobs in the job add/edit screen on the Additional Info tab).

Second, you have to choose which value from Project Insight will be stored in the QuickBooks custom field. There are two options:

1. Project Property - Choose a property of the project.

2. Project Insight Integration Map - Custom project links are set up in the Project Insight Administration under the Global Settings > Shortcut & Link Configuration.

The date and time that the Web Connect was last run against Project Insight is shown. The next time that the Web Connector is told to update it will pick up all QuickBooks transactions created or modified since this date and time. You can enter in an earlier date to pick up transactions for items not previously included in the QuickBooks integration. For instance, if you later decide you want to include vendor credits as a part of the import then you can back-date the "last run" before the next update from the Web Connector.

Click the save button to save your settings.

Click the download button to save your settings and download the Web Connector configuration file.

Your QuickBooks web service password can be copied and pasted into the Web Connector password box after you have added the Project Insight application to the Web Connector via the downloadable configuration file.

The Web Connector

Use the following steps to setup the Web Connector:

1. Ensure that QuickBooks in running with the desired company file open. You must use an administrator account and the company file must be in single-user mode.

2. Launch the Web Connector application and click the "Add an application" button in the lower right corner. Navigate to the configuration file that you downloaded from Project Insight.

3. QuickBooks will prompt you to review the application that is requesting access to your company file. Grant access by choosing one of the options and clicking "Continue..." It is reccommded that you choose "Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open".

4. Review the authorization on the next screen and click "OK" to accept.

5. When the confirmation is displayed click "Done" to complete the authorization process.

6. You should now see the Project Insight application listed in the Web Connector. Now you can copy the Web Connector password from Project Insight and paste it into the password box in the Web Connector.

7. When prompted to save your password click "Yes".

To run the import process check the box to the left of the Project Insight application in the Web Connector and then click the "Update Selected" button.