Navigation & Layout

Project Insight has three main sections:

  • Global Menu Options displayed on the top of all Project Insight forms. These provide one click access to your dashboards, reports, favorites, searching and printing functions, logging off and help
  • Left Navigation for easy access to your work either through the “My Work” section or the “Folders” sections. (Administrators will also have an Administration section and Invoice Managers will have an Invoice Records section).
  • Main Content

The global menu options will never change and they will always be visible (unless you are in full screen mode).

The main content section will always change to reflect what you are doing. There are also context sensitive menu options that display in the main content section. The main content section data that is displayed for many forms can also be customized, using Display Options.

The left navigation can be expanded or collapsed (visible or not) as required.

If table views, such as reports, task lists and Gantt charts, are showing in the main content section, then the table header row can be right clicked to show additional options for changing the layout and the way you navigate, such as toggling to full screen mode, freezing or unfreezing header and left columns.

The system administrator may have also enabled options to enable further customization of the display, such as changing font sizes, icon sizes, setting the banner size and increasing or decreasing table padding.