Edit Profile

Individual users may edit their profile information, such as name, address, user name, email and time zone (if the system administrator or user manager has enabled this functionality for your user).

Clicking the Edit Profile menu option, from within the Profile global menu option (see Navigation & Layout) will bring you to the My Profile edit form. This form can also be access via the Edit icon on the View Profilemenu option.

There are various tabs on this form. The General tab is selected by default but there are tabs to change preferences, upload photos and set single sign-on options.

General Tab

On the General tab, the following profile information can be edited by each user: First and Last Name, address, phone number, cell phone, fax number, email address, user name and time zone. In addition, the Company, Department and User Type assigned to this user is displayed (but it can't be edited by the user, it can only be changed by the system administrator). There is a checkbox on this form to email the user with the information if required.

  1. Update the information. NOTE: Fields with a red asterisk are required.
  2. Click on the other tabs to change additional information
  1. Preferences - See User Preferences
  2. Single Sign-on
  3. Upload/Edit a Photo
  1. Or click to save the changes (any information changed on any other tabs will be saved as well).

Note* If you are a system administrator or user manager, there will be additional options and functionality available on this form. See User General for more information.

Change Password

In addition, in the upper right corner of the form, if this is your user profile, there is an option to Change the Password. . Click on that to change the option from this form. See Change Password.