View Profile

Clicking directly on your name/picture on the In the Global Menu Options (see Navigation & Layout) or clicking on any other user's name/picture on other forms and lists will display the profile form:

If you clicked on your name/picture and if the system has been configured to enable you to edit your profile, an Edit icon is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the content section. Click on it to edit your data, preferences and photo. Single sign-on can also be configured if it is turned on.

On the Profile form, additional sections with additional information can be expanded and collapsed for viewing by clicking on the title of the section:

  • Details - shows external department information, time zone set for the user, the user's address, resource type/roles set for the user, whether or not they are active, whether or not they can edit their own profile and any other notes
  • Time and Expense Approvals - shows who the default time and expense sheet approvers are for this user and also shows if this user is a time or expense sheet approver for any other users

For system administrators/user managers, there are additional sections:

  • Power User Roles - the power user roles set for this user
  • Team Member Roles - the team member roles set for this user

The system will remember whether or not you had a section expanded or collapsed and display the form the same way the next time it is opened.


Links may be added for users. Click the Add Link icon or click on any links created to launch them.