Edit Work Schedule

Individual users may change their work schedule (if the system administrator has enabled this functionality for your user).

You are able to edit a users work schedule if you are a default time sheet approver for the user and the system administrator has enabled that option.

To edit your own work schedule, click the Edit Work Schedule menu option, from within the Profile global menu option (see Navigation & Layout). You can also access this function from the View Profile by clicking on the Work Calendar Edit icon in the context sensitive menu options. This is also how default time sheet approvers would access it.

There are two tabs that will always show on the user work schedule add/edit form:

  • Default Workdays
  • Holidays, Non-Workdays and Special Days

A third tab may show depending if there are holidays, shutdowns, non-working days or non-default times entered in the default work schedule associated with this users work schedule.

  • Inherited Days