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Goals, Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators should be determined by your organization and then an administrator can create your base scorecard using Scorecards in Administration. Once the base has been setup, your organizations goals and such will be pre-populated on the Scorecard tab.

Scores for each goal should be determined as a collaborative effort between management, sponsors, PMO directors, and the project managers.  Then the scores can be added to your project scorecard on this tab. Once all the values are set, click the [Update Scorecard] button at the bottom of the scorecard. This will give you the project score for the project without actually saving it.


Viewing a project’s score

Within your project, select Status from the View drop down. In the scorecard tab you will see a project current score and history.Click on the [View Scorecard] button to view the details of how the scorecard was set up.

The right side of this area shows you the project’s scoring history. You can see all the changes to the project’s scoring and the details.

The "scorecard" score is available as a column to display on many of the pre-defined reports in Project Insight. These reports are available my clicking on Reports in the top navigation.

Save clicking the save icon by itself will save the project information from all tabs within this form and return to the previous page. By hovering over the save button two drop-down options are presented.

  • Save & Display Project for saving the project and going directly to the project task list view.
  • Save & Add Another Project for opening another new project.