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Time, Expense & Billing Information


Companies, contracts, groups, and other information related to time and expense capture for invoicing is entered into this tab when creating a new project. See information about the other tabs at Project - General, Project - Target Budget Information, Project - Scorecard and Project - Custom Fields.

Companies is for selecting companies affiliated with the project for reporting purposes. The selections in this list are determined by the companies a system administrator has set up. See Administration, Companies.

Company Default: If you select more than one company in the company multi-selector box, you will need to also select a primary company which is the default company for the project. The primary company is the company that all tasks will be defaulted to unless the project manager (or scheduler) manually changes it on a specific task.

Company Contracts is for selecting the contract for this particular project.The selections in this list are those that have been previously set up by an administrator. If you plan to use any of the financial reporting in Project Insight, then it is critical to select a contract be associated with the project.

Default Contract sets the contract association reported for all tasks not assigned to a specific company.

Groups is for selecting groups affiliated with the project for reporting purposes. The selections in this list are those previously set up by an administrator.

Customer Name is for entering the name of the customer for whom the project is being performed.

PO/Job # is for the customer's purchase order or job number.

Customer Job # is for the internal reference to a customer's job number.

Save clicking the save icon by itself will save the project information from all tabs within this form and return to the previous page. By hovering over the save button two drop-down options are presented.

  • Save & Display Project for saving the project and going directly to the project task list view.
  • Save & Add Another Project for opening another new project.