Add/Edit Task Resource(s)

Resources for a task can be added, edited or deleted right from the task list or Gantt Chart view.

To do this, the Resource column must be showing. This is a default column that displays. If it is not showing, turn it on, see Display Options for more details.

  1. Invoke adding or editing of a task. See Quick Task Add/Edit for more information.
  2. Cick the Add Resources hyperlink in the Resources column of the task you're adding or editing.

  1. The Edit Resources layer appears.

  1. From here you can add resources to the task, edit the information about an existing resource or delete resources.
  2. When you are done adding, editing or deleting resources, click to save the changes and exit out of add/edit mode or click to stay in edit mode and continue editing the other task details (Note* the resources changes aren't yet saved if you do this, you will still have to save the task by clicking the Save icon for the task).