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Quick Task Add/Edit

The simplest and easiest way to add and edit tasks is right on the Task List form.

Add a new task by typing in the highlighted line on the form (this is a blank line that is a different color than the other lines and normally shows at the bottom of the task list but can appear in the middle of the task list if you're inserting tasks).

Edit an existing task, by clicking the edit icon on the task line and click in the appropriate fields or tab through them to change the data. Another way to start editing of a task is to double click anywhere on the white space of a task line (don't click on any text on the line because that invokes a hyper link). Another option is to right click on the task and select Edit Task (inline).

To save any changes, click the save icon or press enter.

Quick task add/entry can also be done on the Understanding Gantt Charts.


The majority of the task data can be entered directly into the columns on the talk list or Gantt Chart, however, there are three additional data entry layers that are accessed via hyperlinks in the columns instead of doing data entry directly in that column: