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Entering Percent Complete for a Task

Task performance and progression is updated in the form of Percent Complete, Actual Start Date and Actual End Date. The value in the % Complete field provides project team members, project managers, and clients with an indication of progress on a task. The value isn't calculated based on time entries for the task, but is estimated and entered manually.

These updates are performed by resources who are assigned as task owners and/or project managers using one of four methods:

  1. The My Insight -> Dashboard -> Tasks has a column named Status where % Complete resides for each task. Clicking on the % Complete opens a input box where % Complete, along with many other things, can be entered.
  2. When clicking on a task to see the task detail, you are presented with a editable field called Percent Complete
  3. From within the project while viewing the Task List from the Views drop down, you can update the percent complete directly if % Complete is one of the display options.
  4. From within any report where % Complete is displayed as an editable field. This is generally limited to Task type reports.

You may enter a value indicating your estimate of the percentage of a task that is complete, or use the Est. Remaining Work (estimated remaining work hours to complete the task) to automatically calculate the percent complete based on remaining hours. Now the estimate will appear visually on the Gantt chart, as in the example shown below.

The black horizontal line that appears within the bar on the chart for Budget Approval indicates the degree of progress achieved.


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