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Add Users/Resources to Projects


From within your project, select Project Resources from the Resources drop down.

Which will load the Resources page where you can add/edit/delete resources for your project.

Use the blank row at the bottom of the list to add resources to your project. The drop down list will be predefined by your administrator with all Project Insight users who have been configured as assignable to a project. If you do not see the resource you are expecting, check with your administrator.

The columns and their use is defined below:

Resource Last Name as the name implies, this is the last name of the resource.

Resource First Name as the name implies, this is the first name of the resource.

Resource Types/Roles is an optional field to choose the role which represents the primary responsibility for this resource within this particular project. This selection is for reference only. It does not actively assign the resource to any tasks. Assigning the resource to tasks by resource type/role is done through the use of the Assign Resource to Resource Type/Role function accessed through the use of the icon in the Action column for each assigned resource.

Resource Company automatically displays based on the User Profile company assignment.

Task Count automatically displays the number of tasks assigned to the resource. Clicking on the number will produce a report showing the tasks assigned to this resource.

Work Schedule indicates the selected user's schedule to apply to the project.

  • Project Default is the most common schedule used.
  • Personal Default is an alternative for calculating a resources personal schedule into the project schedule (project schedule durations may change to adjust for conflicts with the resources personal schedule).
  • Any predefined Custom Work Schedules for the project will also be available from this drop down.

Def. % Alloc sets the default allocation for the resource when applied to tasks with "Resources' Work" or "Task Duration" set as the Def. Calculation (default calculation). For example, a resource applied to a task set to calculate the Resources' Work with 5 days duration and a 100% resource allocation would calculate to 40 hours of Resources' Work on the task. This setting is irrelevant for tasks set to calculate "% of Resources Workday."

Admin contains three icons to be used as follows:

  • Assign Tasks by Resource/Type Role allows you to assign a group of tasks this resource. This includes moving tasks from another resource.
  • Update Burden and Bill Rates for all Tasks Assigned to Resource allows you to update the calculations being performed by the project. This is generally used after a change to the rates has been done. If you do not do the update, then your project continues to use the previous rates.
  • Edit allows you to edit the columns for the resource.

Quick Add by Company, Group or Department

You may choose to add multiple resources by using the quick add function and placing everybody from a specific company, group or department to the project resources list. This function will add all resources associated with the company, group or department without changing any existing resources already on the list who may also belong to the selected entity. Note however that resources must be removed one-at-a-time after being added. Use this feature with the understanding that you may mistakenly add a larger list of resources than you had intended and removing them from the project may take several additional delete and confirm clicks.