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MS Project Import


During the process of adding or editing a project, you may select the Import from Microsoft Project option. When you click Save on the project, the Import Wizard will start.

Step 1


Import MS Project XML using the browse button, locate the XML file to be imported. If your project was not saved as an XML file you will need to open it in Microsoft Project first and the use the save as XML option in Project to create a file that can be imported.

Upload Type defaults to updating the entire project. You may also choose to add only new tasks if you are importing into an existing project and want all tasks in the import to be appended as additional tasks to the existing tasks within the project.

Upload will load the project and open the next step of the wizard.

Step 2

At the top of the page, above the mapping tabs there will be IMPORTANT INFORMATION that you should review before proceeding. Note that once you save from this page, your changes will be PERMANENT. For a new project this notice will include only new tasks. For existing projects, it might include a message as to how many tasks will be deleted and how many tasks will be changed. You must not save the import if you do not want these changes to occur.

See additional information on import and export considerations in the FAQ titled Microsoft Project Import/Export.