Resource Allocation in Project Management Software

Effective Resource Management for Team Projects and Goals

Project Insight gives project managers power over the management of resource allocation for software development, marketing, product development teams and more. Assigning team members to business goals, projects and individual tasks is simple and easy with our PMI and PMBOK® Guide compliant solution. Mass assign team members' tasks grouped by skill set, department or resource type, or handle resource allocation management for a single person. It is equally simple to change a resource on a set of project tasks as well.

Our portfolio system allows resource allocation managers and project managers to use project level and/or cross project resource allocation to manage workloads in order to achieve their goals. The software application reports evenly divide the work (hours) among the workdays (duration) scheduled for the tasks to calculate the total work or effort assigned to a resource within a specified date range.

Efficient Resource Allocation and Workload Management

Resource information may be accessed from the 'Resources' tab within a project to review the availability of resources. Project Insight, web project management software provides real-time resource allocation data based on the allocation of their assignments to project tasks system-wide.

Project managers can also view all resources across all projects in Project Insight. This information is accessed in 'My Reports,' 'Cross Project Resource Allocation.' Data may be hidden or displayed according to each person's preferences, supporting a wide variety of applications for these reports. Hundreds of permutations of resource allocation reports are available.

Other project management software applications claim to have extensive resource allocation capabilities in their marketing materials; however, they often fall short. Project Insight not only allows resource managers or project managers to see the total workload each resource has per day, week or other time period, it allows them to drill down on all of the projects and tasks that are causing the over allocation in one view. Tasks can easily be reassigned using Project Insight's simple drag and drop functionality. It's perfect for the management of all kinds of goals, tasks and projects including IT projects, interactive or marketing projects, product development projects, professional services and more. All tasks are efficiently managed with proper resource allocation and tracking, down to the last detail.

If your goal is to make sure that you're on top of resource allocation, then Project Insight's powerful resource management applications will make it happen.

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