Wipe Out the Excel Sheets! Centralize & Simplify Your Process - Registration

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 8:00 AM - 
8:30 AM

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house. It’s time to clear out your digital files and get your team organized! You and your team deserve more when it comes to keeping track of project timelines and budgets.

Spreadsheets are so 1980s! Using a centralized project management system can streamline your workflow and cut down on double entry across teams. You’ll feel a sigh of relief after you let go of all your digital project management baggage.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to ensure project success for your team by centralizing projects. Implement what’s best for your organization by weighing the benefits and limitations of Excel.


• Understand best practices to manage company workflows and deliver projects outside of excel

• Increase project visibility from end-to-end with a centralized solution

• Learn how to cut down on double entry and data correcting

• Give your team the tools they need to streamline workflows and deliver projects on time

Please note that this webinar will be pre-recorded and not live. The on demand webinar will be sent to you via email to watch at your convenience.

Please also note that this webinar is NOT valid for PDU credit.

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