PI® Microsoft Project Connector

If your project managers are proficient in Microsoft Project for scheduling, then you can benefit from this popular PI Connector.

Benefits of Microsoft Project Connector

Import a new project schedule in Project Insight

When the project schedule is finished, project managers may simply click the 'create new project' icon and the MS Project XML file will be uploaded to Project Insight.

Replace an existing project or add new tasks

Decide whether to completely replace a project with a new one from MS Project. Or, you can opt to add only new tasks to an existing project in PI.

Download PI projects to MS Project without logging into PI

If you want to share your Project Insight schedule with a non-PI team member, you can easily download any project from MS Project and share it external users.

Want to learn more?

Video on Project Connector

Turn project work into Project Insight

90% of the project teams we talk to use Excel, MS Project desktop, white boards and sticky notes to manage projects. Now, there’s a better way! Centralize your projects to gain insight into your portfolio and resources.