Let your accounting team Work Where They're At™. If they work in QuickBooks, use our PI® QuickBooks Connector to create your own, out-of-the-box integration with the fields that are important to you. Sync your projects and accounting to gain real-time visibility to invoices, budgets, expenses and more all within Project Insight!
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Integration Features

Projects & Budgets
Know at a glance if projects are on time and within budget. Manage projects to their planned target budgets at the top level and compare it to actuals in real-time to help you better forecast.

Expense & Time Entry
Turn client-facing project, aggregate expenses, and time entries into PI invoice records. Pass Project Insight invoice records with line items to QuickBooks for final invoicing.

Invoice Reports
Forget double-entry data & miscalculated project budgets. PI's invoice reports provide accounting and project teams the last look at project financials so you get accurate, real-time reports every time.
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