QuickBooks Integration

If your organization utilizes QuickBooks, you can use the QuickBooks Web Connector to create your own, out of the box integration with the fields you need. Following our best of breed approach, you can let your accounting and finance team work in QuickBooks, while your project team works in Project Insight.

Benefits of QuickBooks Integration

Pass invoice records from Project Insight to QuickBooks

Aggregate expenses and time entries into Project Insight invoice records. Then pass Project Insight invoice records with invoice line items to QuickBooks for final invoicing. The QuickBooks integrations is easy to install, easy to use.

Track expenses in PI that come from QuickBooks

Project managers will know what the true project budget is and which expenses have been invoiced to the client. Transfer one or all of the financial fields in QuickBooks to PI including, invoices, vendor bills, vendor credits, checks and credit card charges.

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Video on QuickBooks Integrations
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