Salesforce Integration

If your organization uses Salesforce, you can share valuable CRM information with your project team. Following our best of breed approach, you can let your sales and business development team work in Salesforce, while your project team works in Project Insight.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration

Create a project in Project Insight from an account in Salesforce

The sales and business development team can create new projects directly from SFDC that will pass directly to the project team for better forecasting and planning.

Add project managers and team members to the project from Salesforce

If the Salesforce team knows who the project manager, resource manager and team members should be, those may be added directly from the SFDC form as well.

Share Salesforce account and contact information with Project Insight

Eliminate duplicate data entry and the errors associated with it by passing account or customer information from SFDC over to Project Insight.

Synchronize comments between the Salesforce & PI

Comments added in Salesforce will be posted to the Project Status comments report in Project Insight. Allowing each team to collaborate and communicate from the solution they live in.

Hire our Professional Services team

If you need more out of your SFDC integration, no problem. Our Professional Services team can add new connections to help match SFDC to your company's current process.

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Salesforce Integration
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