Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Project Management

Construction, engineering and architectural services teams are, by nature, project management teams. AEC organizations struggle communicating with resources that are out in the field and making sure they know what to work on and when. What's more, these projects are extremely fluid. Changes in weather, permits or equipment can wreak havoc on a project's schedule. Other challenges include:

AEC Project Management Challenges

  • Making sure project resources can access critical design documents
  • Shifting project schedules to accommodate for new information
  • Knowing if you have enough resources to complete all of your jobs
  • Allowing field resources to update their tasks and post time

Learn About How AEC Services Project Teams Have Succeeded with Project Insight

Project Insight, portfolio and project management software, helps construction, engineering and architectural services teams by:

  • Centralizing all projects, tasks and to-dos in one place
  • Providing intelligent scheduling to shift projects and tasks when changes occur
  • Allowing access to mission critical project and task design documents and drawings for collaboration
  • Tracking all problems or issues that come up on a project
  • Knowing if your projects are within budget in real-time
  • Providing executive management with portfolio views for oversight