Project Management for Telecommunications Engineering

Surecom Network Solutions

"Using Project Insight project management software provides the transparency we need to better control workflow, financing and reporting—something we couldn't do before."
- Account and Project Manager

Main Challenges

When it first started, Surecom Network Solutions developed an ad hoc project management process using Excel spreadsheets to manage projects and allocate resources. It was a cumbersome, time-intensive process that made it difficult for project managers to accurately assess the status of projects throughout the organization. In addition, Surecom used an entirely different program to manage finances.

  • Lacked a project management solution that coordinated all business processes
  • Lacked the ability to accurately track project status and resource allocation
  • Lacked effective workflow to approve project documents in a timely manner

"Each department had its own processes, which increased the chances of errors," says Surecom's Account and Project Manager. "This was not a good way to manage project costs, record revenues, allocate resources and generate different reports." The company depended on the accounting staff for information to make informed decisions. Because there was no centralized system, there was often a one month data lag, which made it difficult to track real-time status.

As a result, the management team was unsure as to how projects were doing or how resources were performing. If problems arose, they were unable to address them in a timely manner. In addition, managers did not want to affect the engineers' morale by letting them go and then not have them be available when project work increased. So managers would sometimes hide the fact that not all of their team were fully utilized at a time of insufficient work.

Why Project Insight

As the company grew, Surecom management recognized the need to streamline operations to eliminate inefficiencies and increase productivity. They wanted a powerful project management tool that was also simple to use.

  • Provides transparency across the entire enterprise
  • Offers a single operations tool with secure on-line access
  • Runs customized reports, including project status and resource workload views
  • Allows the project team to know what has been approved

To that end they hired a consultant to evaluate project management solutions. In the end, the consultant selected Project Insight project management software as the best fit. "We wanted one system to address our major needs including project management, financing, resources, and reporting. That's what Project Insight does. It has all the features we require, provides the flexibility we need and is customizable, especially when it comes to reporting. We also liked the price."

The Results

  • Improves project management for greater efficiency and productivity
  • Improves resource allocation to ensure projects are delivered on schedule
  • Informs management as and when problems arise so that they can quickly be resolved
  • Generates customized reports for better accountability

Project Insight project management software was purchased at the beginning of 2013. After a few months of training and customization, the system was fully operational. Because project managers now have a transparent view of everything that is happening, they can make adjustments as necessary, address and resolve issues quickly and manage resources more effectively. They can also close down a project if necessary.

"We especially like the fact that we can quickly generate customized reports. Now we have a detailed overview of every project, its status, the resources allocated to it, and the costs involved. We use the reports to make more informed decisions. For example, if resources aren't being fully utilized, we can shift them over to projects that need more help. If a problem arises, we can react quickly before it becomes a major problem. We also have a firm grip on costs. If a project is over running its budget we can close it down. The end result is more than increased efficiency and productivity. Project Insight project management software gives us peace of mind."