Enter Time Against Projects with Project Management Software


"Project Insight project management software was the only solution that met our team's primary needs. Their license structure meant we could grant universal access to our workforce."
- Technical Program Manager

Main Challenges

Paycor's original project management software did not have the capability for team members to enter time on a specific project, which hampered efficiency and productivity. Also, the licenses were costly, so it was installed and accessed only by project managers.

  • Needed project management software to be accessible to team members, not just project managers
  • Needed to allow team members to enter time against projects

"We knew a developer was working on a certain path," said Paycor's Technical Program Manager, "but we didn't know how much time he or she spent. Someone we assumed was working full time on a project might only be working 14 hours a week on it. This was information we needed to know."

Why Project Insight

"We were disappointed in our original software's overall capabilities," said Paycor's Technical Program Manager. "We knew there was something better out there. We just had to find it."

  • Allowed team members to enter time against their projects
  • Included security controls that controlled access
  • Included a licensing program that gave everyone access

Management evaluated and demonstrated several solutions. In the end they selected Project Insight because it was the only solution that met their needs, provided a reasonable licensing program and had security controls that ensured only authorized personnel could access certain information.

The Results

  • Increased efficiency and productivity by using time tracking as the primary function
  • Helps simplify project plans by reporting certain accounting data
  • Allows the company to take advantage of payment research and development tax credits

Paycor invested in Project Insight project management software in late 2009 and started regular usage in early 2010. The software's time tracking is the primary feature that is heavily used. With Project Insight's time entry, management can track all of the hours on the project, including outside contractors. Management can easily view project planned hours and balance them against reported hours. The software allows project managers to report on valuable accounting data they need. For example, project managers report on whether a task is capitalizable or not and the number of hours assigned to it. "One unexpected benefit of Project Insight was discovering that we were able to use it to provide data for payment tax credits," said Paycor's Technical Program Manager. "We needed to know which research and development tasks were eligible and relied heavily on the software to validate the hours so we could amend past tax returns. It saved us quite a bit of money." Although Project Insight offers ongoing training, Paycor management opted to use the wealth of the online product training videos to train their team. "Their product trainings are quite good," the Technical Program Manager concluded, "Still, Project Insight calls us regularly to touch base and to make sure our team is doing well."