Streamline Your Workflow with Project Management Software

Tierpoint Hosted Solutions

""Project Insight, project management software, cut the number of problems down tremendously. Now we can see when things are required and prioritize all customer orders rather than use a first come first serve approach. In doing so, the software doubled our efficiency for people requesting equipment""
- Purchasing Agent

Main Challenges

The purchasing department of Tierpoint Hosted Solutions is responsible for purchasing equipment for customer installations and internal projects.

  • Lacked the ability to keep projects organized
  • Needed a central repository for sharing information
  • No way to manage resource workloads for efficient workflow

The company's old system had difficulties keeping projects organized. Because information was scattered, people in different departments and different locations could not access all the data they needed. Nor could the project system generate reports. "We make volume purchases for almost every department as well as our customers," said Tierpoint's purchasing agent. "We're responsible for delivering the right equipment to the right Data Center, and often, requests come in quickly. Since our old system couldn't track data, it wasn't possible to share project information to determine what equipment was where. We didn't even have a unified numbering system for tracking purposes. Instead, we were forced to use email to communicate project status with everybody." Purchasing also required a central repository for unified traffic data, deliveries and finances. Since they did not have one, they kept tabs on accounts in Excel and, again, communicated through email. It was a clunky process. "We had problems with missing information, late orders and miscommunication in general," the purchasing agent said. "We agreed it was time for a project management solution."

Why Project Insight

Management evaluated three different systems based on a list of criteria they drew up. One of their biggest requirements was ease of use. Another was a feature allowing project emails to be uploaded and attached to a project in the software. Other desired features included custom configuration, easily updatable software, transparency and control over permissions and accessibility. They also required reporting capabilities, dashboards, a centralized repository, the ability to create templates and the ability to link to outside apps.

  • It was the only solution that met all criteria
  • Provided ease of use—a major consideration
  • Offered alerts that enhanced workflow

"We chose Project Insight because it was the only solution that met all our criteria," the purchasing agent said. "The software's ability to upload directly from Outlook was a big selling point. Another was the alert functionality to streamline our workflow. It allows us to notify our team members with new assignments and when they can begin work."

The Results

  • Central repository allowed everyone to access required information for greater efficiency
  • Reporting and tracking capabilities kept projects on schedule
  • Customized templates reduced the amount of time to set up a project by 75%

The team implemented the software in September, 2013. Because Tierpoint Hosted Solutions previously had a project system (but nowhere near the same features), implementation ran smoothly. It was not a big culture change. "With Project Insight we're able to keep everything organized better," said Tierpoint's manager of client implementations. "We're able to keep all the documents and information people require in one central location. This cuts down on the number of people who weren't getting information or change orders." The report function allows management to gain better insights about what is going on.

Project reports display the status of each project and whether they are on schedule. Creating priority reports also makes workflow more efficient. "With our new ability to create project templates, we've cut down on the amount of time it takes to set up a project by 75 percent," the manager of client implementations added. "What used to take us an hour is now done in 10 minutes. The templates are more accurate, and people get information when they need it." Tierpoint Hosted Solutions purchased the software to handle their customer implementations.

Because of the software's custom form feature, the company is able to build the functionality to support requested items purchased through the procurement team. The vast majority of purchases on most installations are customized. Previous purchases consisted of huge email threads where changes could be missed. The email threads have been replaced with tables in the custom forms, which are less confusing. The central repository allows everyone to access quotes and see what is actually ordered. This allows Purchasing to quickly spot when something is not right or ordered incorrectly and correct it immediately.

"Our new project management system is easier and more efficient by miles and miles," Tierpoint's purchasing agent said. "It has cut the number of problems down tremendously. In the past we'd sometimes receive email for an important order at the end of the day and might not get to it. Now we do. We've also eliminated lost emails." "With Project Insight we know when tasks have to be scheduled and what's required. As a result, we're now able to prioritize all orders rather than handling requests on a first come, first serve basis." "Bottom line: Project Insight project management software has doubled our efficiency."