Project Management For SEO Agencies

Vizion Interactive

"Project Insight's reporting combined with email alerts on critical tasks have put us in total control. This quarter I can honestly say we have the best-run operation we've ever had in the life of the company."

Main Challenges

As a growing SEO, SEM and interactive marketing agency, Vizion Interactive is often working on 30 or more simultaneous customer projects. At any given time, team leaders are actively managing several active projects while working on detailed proposals for new ones.

  • Lack of centralized project information
  • No way to standardize monthly processes and tasks
  • Difficulty gathering intelligence on projects and resource allocation to help make better decisions to support company growth

Prior to implementing Project Insight, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) said, "Project management was a nightmare, management by email. It was chaos. We tried to use Basecamp, but it wasn't nearly sophisticated enough for our professional needs." Vizion Interactive's project leaders wanted a way to use templates to standardize their monthly processes, tasks and time, and to be able to roll those out for use with every new project. In addition, the COO said, "I needed a tool that would help me grow the company intelligently, so that I could break things out from a financial standpoint. That way, I could see how much money was being spent in a certain area and whether or not it was more cost-effective to buy a tool rather than to hire another team member. Our accounting system alone couldn't help us assess that."

Why Project Insight

The COO and the project managers required a solution that would:

  • Provide centralized management and visibility into all active and pending projects
  • Enable creation and use of custom project templates
  • Deliver vital business intelligence on resource allocation, project costs, and profitability

The project leaders at Vizion Interactive studied ten web-based project management systems, and then performed a deeper review of and demonstration process with three strong candidates. In addition to the excellent reporting and template capabilities, she and the other decision makers were impressed by Project Insight's ability to integrate with Outlook. Ultimately, Vizion Interactive signed on with Project Insight.

The Results

What they liked about Project Insight:

  • Centralized project management
  • Highly useful resource allocation information
  • Productive integration with Outlook for easier use by team members
  • Excellent reporting for better business decision-making

In June 2008, Vizion Interactive implemented Project Insight and standardized its use for all active projects. Now the company is able to see the state of all projects for all customers, to understand how best to make use of its team members' time, and to be alerted to impending due dates. "The fact that Project Insight lets me use the resource types is significant," the COO said, "Now I know how much time is spent on copywriting, how much time is needed by all skill sets that I can determine if it makes sense to hire a full-time copywriter, for example." The ability to track resource allocation and make better decisions about resource assignments is important to Vizion Interactive.

The COO explained, "The level of detail lets us know that we have enough work here for another full-time team member, so it makes sense to get specialization in certain areas. We never would have been able to do that with our old methods." The COO noted that the Project Insight team has been receptive to implementing enhancement requests, which is important to the company. In the end, the major focus is always business performance. She said, "We really have a good handle on what's going on, better communication, and whether or not we're making money, and that's the big one. We were kind of surprised after using Project Insight - accounts we thought were profitable weren't so profitable.

One of the highest values of the tool is that it helps us see how much money we're really making on a project. Project Insight's reporting combined with email alerts on critical tasks have put us in total control. This quarter I can honestly say we have the best-run operation we've ever had in the life of the company."