Project Management For Web Development

Bridgeline Digital

"We've transformed our company from 10 disjointed offices into a single, smooth operating organization that completes assignments faster, more efficiently and more profitably."
- Senior Vice President of Global Services and Delivery

Main Challenges

"We have a unique situation," says Bridgeline Digital's Senior Vice President of Global Services and Delivery. "We've expanded over the years by purchasing companies across the country. As a result, we had a network of 10 different offices with 10 different ways of doing things."

  • Rapidly growing business
  • Using Microsoft Project and Excel for project management
  • Failed high end project management implementation
  • Needed a solution that would be adopted by all team members
  • Required integration with MS Dynamics accounting and a home grown expense entry system

In the early days, Bridgeline Digital could operate using Microsoft Project and ad hoc spreadsheets. But as the company grew, it became apparent this system was inadequate. A project manager at one site had no visibility into project status at the other offices and no way of viewing resource allocation. When new projects were assigned, project managers had to telephone and email one another to determine resource availability. As a result, it wasn't uncommon to have under- and over-utilized resources and interrupted workflows, which bred inefficiency. It was apparent the company needed a project and resource management system to unify operations if it expected to continue growing.

Why Project Insight

"We evaluated 12 different project management solutions before narrowing it down to three," the SVP explains. "Then we narrowed it down to one: Project Insight project and portfolio management software. Project Insight provided the functionality we needed right out of the box and easily integrated into our day to day operations."

  • Fulfilled immediate requirements and benefits right out of the box
  • Provided real-time transparency to effectively manage resource workloads
  • Was customizable to better fit the company's business processes

The software was easy to set up and its intuitive interface made it simple for the team to adopt. Project Insight also included advanced features the company could add as required, and a central repository where project managers could access and work with every project document. Most importantly, the software provided the transparency that the management team urgently needed so they could track project progress and assess resource availability in real time.

The Results

  • Provides visibility among 10 scattered locations, allowing them to operate as a single unit
  • Centralizes all project files, assets and information that project managers can access anytime from anywhere
  • Streamlines resource utilization for better margins, more cost-efficient operations and improved collaboration
  • Provides customized reports that allow for resource and budget forecasting for the first time in the company's history

Project Insight, project management software was implemented in January 2014 and the solution streamlined Bridgeline Digital's workflow rapidly. Instead of constantly phoning 10 different offices, project managers are now able to view, from one central location, who is working on what projects, who needs more resources and which resources can be assigned more tasks. Increased resource utilization is producing greater margins, more cost-efficient operations and improved collaboration among project managers. In effect, Project Insight project management software has broken down walls among the 10 offices, allowing the company to operate as a single unit even though the offices are spread across the U.S. and in India. "It's as if we're all working in the same office," Bridgeline Digital's Senior Vice President of Global Services and Delivery says. "Not only do we have an overview of all projects, we can now access resource utilization reports that show where we have workload capacity and where we need to shift resources. This has not only increased efficiency, it's also reduced our need to hire additional staff.

Basically, what we have now is real time efficiency instead of wasted time." Greater transparency, combined with customized reports, enables Bridgeline Digital to forecast workloads, costs and revenues for the first time. Since the project solution is customizable, the company can add custom fields for reports that match actual business needs for more effective reports. "Project Insight's software has certainly made my job and the project managers' jobs easier," the SVP concludes, "Even our customers are noticing a difference. Our work is performed faster and more efficiently, which means our customers can start making money faster. Project Insight's customer service has been a huge help. Not only did they help us with our implementation and training, not only are they very responsive, they also have a strong understanding of best practices, which is helping us to expand further and reach the next level."