Project Management for Environmental Remediation

Remediation Consulting Group Inc.

"We evaluated 154 project management software solutions. In the end we selected Project Insight project management software as the one that best fit our needs."

Main Challenges

Typically, RCGI handles hundreds of small projects ranging from $1,500 to $150,000. With so many ongoing projects, management commonly juggles with schedules, costs and project scope. In addition, field visits to project sites in the same geographical area must be coordinated to minimize mobilization costs.

  • Required better control of ongoing projects including resource allocation
  • Lacked a mechanism to forecast according to actual project information
  • Needed sufficient real-time data to make informed decisions

"We had been using software for time, materials tracking and invoicing," says RCGI Chief Financial Officer. "As the company grew, however, this vertical solution no longer met our needs. Our two biggest problems were keeping control of ongoing projects and finding a mechanism to forecast according to actual project information." RCGI also faced four other problems: They lacked clarity about who was available and ultimately responsible for projects underway. They used a manual scheduling system that limited the company's ability to project and adjust completion dates. They were unable to forecast additional staffing requirements in a tight resource market. There was only a limited amount of data to input into financial forecasting. "It became obvious we needed a project management software solution," the CFO continues. "We needed to free principals from project management tasks so they could concentrate on project oversight. We also required a better way to share resources across multiple projects and client teams as well as a better projection of resource requirements to improve utilization and profitability."

Why Project Insight

"I've found that most companies are not aware of the complexities involved in selecting project management software," RCGI's CFO says. "The process can be very daunting. It's more than just comparing pros and cons. You need to prioritize your needs and narrow your scope, realizing that not all attributes carry equal weight. And, no matter how diligent you are, chances are you'll miss a few must-haves."

  • Covered core functionality plus other robust features like cross-project dependencies
  • Able to customize and enhance the software to fulfill key requirements
  • Allowed the organization to achieve key objectives
  • Offered a shorter learning curve and easy adoption

The RCGI selection team evaluated 154 project management solutions found on the internet. Most of them covered the base functionality reasonably well and were cost-competitive for a mid-market company like RCGI. Eventually, the team narrowed their criteria to essential requirements that were more specific to their industry and needs. "To be honest, none of the solutions we evaluated offered acceptable cost and support parameters that fulfilled all our requirements," the CFO explains. "Project Insight, however, covered the core bases and cross-project dependencies very well. The company was also willing to enhance the software to fulfill our key pricing and budget tracking requirements." As a result, the RCGI selection team unanimously selected Project Insight.

The Results

  • Provides infrastructure to access data from anywhere
  • Improves portfolio management
  • Improves budget tracking and cost control
  • Provides better scheduling, resource allocation and calendaring

RCGI only recently implemented Project Insight project management software, so they don't have a lot of performance data as of yet. However, their CFO has forecasted the following key attributes and benefits:

Attribute Benefit
Cloud-based, web-based (any device) Accessible from office, home or field
Simple, consistent user interface Shorter learning curve
Flexible, PMI-compliant functionality Consistent with PMP training
Higher speed user interface Lower ongoing costs
Portfolio management Input into choice of clients / project types / niches
Budget tracking Control internal and client costs
Time and expense recording and approvals Retain current functionality
Project billing PMs still determine what is actually billed
Document management Documents and emails are more easily found
Scheduling, task allocation and calendaring Senior/PM personnel are interrupted less often
Collaboration support Communications are better documented and more available
Work breakdown planning and scheduling Better resource and financial forecasting
Project monitoring by exception / status Better client communication and perceived competence
Project exception reporting PMs can handle a larger number of projects
Automatic notifications Enhanced communication and efficiency

"As a result," he concludes, "we expect to improve our efficiency and productivity. We'll have better oversight of project timelines and more efficient use of company resources. And that will help us deliver a richer customer experience while enhancing work satisfaction and profitability."