Project Management for IT Professional Services


"The ability of Project Insight's project management software to integrate with our company's existing systems was a key factor in choosing them over other solutions."
- President

Main Challenges

As a start-up, INTER-OP had cobbled together a project management process for capturing time and tasking people to do certain things. Unfortunately, the different system parts didn't work particularly well together.

  • Lacked a project management solution that offered the desired capabilities.
  • Lacked the ability to accurately track project status.
  • Required a system that would allow remote team members to input and update status.

"The system was a cumbersome, time-intensive process that made it difficult to get the information we needed to know, such as where we stood on our projects," reports the company the president. "What made it even more difficult was tracking progress with employees in remote locations. We needed to accurately track what they were doing regardless of where they were working." The company could live with these limitations when it was small, but as it grew, management quickly realized they needed a more effective project management solution. They contacted several companies offering project management solutions and scheduled demos. In some instances management was able to evaluate the software for a period of time. After careful consideration, they determined Irvine, California-based Project Insight offered the best fit for them.

Why Project Insight

"We're a small business," the president explains, "and some of the solutions we evaluated were too elaborate and/or too expensive. In terms of functionality, meeting our specific needs and the projected ROI, Project Insight was the best solution out there."

  • Offered the functionalities and capabilities that best met company needs at a reasonable price
  • Effectively managed employee workloads for greater efficiency
  • Integrated seamlessly with existing systems

Project Insight project management software delivered the robust capabilities INTER-OP required for scheduling tasks, timekeeping, monitoring individual resources and analyzing how those resources were being utilized. Another key factor was the software's ability to integrate with other systems the company used. "This was very important," the president adds.

The Results

  • Easy for employees to use regardless of location
  • Customized reports are rapidly generated to monitor project status and resource allocation
  • Issue management capabilities help the company to attack problems and quickly solve them
  • Customer service is always available to help INTER-OP maximize the software's capabilities

"We installed Project Insight project management software about 18 months ago," the president continues. "We found it easy to use, and all our associates can make use of the system regardless of where they're located. We can quickly generate reports that monitor where we are on projects and what the resource allocation is. The fact we can easily customize the reports ourselves and run them at a moment's notice is very nice."

Project Insight has helped INTER-OP become more efficient without having to expend as much time as before to get the project information they need to ensure they're accomplishing what they want to do. The software's issue management capabilities are another plus. When problems arise, management can quickly assign the issue to someone and track it to completion. "This capability has been particularly helpful," says the president. "I must add that Project Insight's customer service was a pleasant surprise. They've helped us with a number of issues: from initial set-up guidance to how to establish our projects and reports.

The Project Insight community is set up with videos on how to do things, which has really been helpful. I'm basically able to watch the webinars to get ideas on how to use the system. If we still have questions, we call customer support. They're very good about getting back and helping us get through the issue." The president is pleased to note that the customer rep who first supplied INTER-OP with information about the software is still providing customer support. The two companies have formed a tight relationship. As a result, Project Insight's rep understands INTER-OP's business, so the company doesn't have to start from zero to explain things. "I think overall, in terms of the system, wealth of features, training, the library and support, I feel Project Insight project management software is a great system," the president concludes. "It's definitely the right solution for our company."