Learning How to Navigate in Project Insight


All users and team members of Project Insight


  • Gain a better understanding of the structure within Project Insight
  • Understand many of the settings and options, and be able to select the ones that are right for your business process


When you log in, you will see the Project Insight opening page or Dashboard. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the elements on this page and how easy it is to navigate in the application.

On the left, you will see the My Work and Folders sections. If you are an administrator, you will also see the administration section. And if you are using the invoice reports, you will have the invoices displayed as well.

First, the My Work section may be opened by clicking anywhere on the bar. You will see a list of any item you are specifically assigned to. Any tasks, projects, issues approval request, project request and to-dos will show up. If you your team uses custom items those will show up here as well, and if you enter time and expenses these links are available. The benefit of my work section is that you can access any assignment within one click from anywhere in the system.

You may click on My Insight to return to your dashboard. Also, you may collapse any section by clicking the area again.

Next under Folders, you will see any folders or project spaces you have access to. Folders may be set up by department, business unit, region, team or customer and are usually tied to permissions. These are just some examples.

You may collapse or expand the entire left navigation by clicking on the X icon here. This gives you more room to view task lists, Gantt charts, reports and any other page.

Under My Insight, notice you have one click access to elements such as the home screen, calendar, allocation, alerts, resource directory, dashboards and time and expense entry forms. The benefit is to give you one click access to frequently needed pages in the system.

Once you have saved or shared reports, you will be able to navigate to each of those with one click from the pie chart icon.

The Favorites icon will list any pages that you have designated as your favorites, once again giving you one click access to those.

Should you need to search the system, you may using the ‘search’ icon. The search may be conducted system wide or in a specific folder.

You may access the Self-Serve Resources from the help icon as well.

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