Adding Resources - Preferences


System administrators, user managers


  • Learn how to use custom fields in the user preferences
  • Know how to apply this to global teams
  • Set up your preferred way to interact with email from Project Insight


If you are using custom fields on the user form, these will appear in the custom fields tab.

The preferences tab is where you may anchor a user to a specific language or cultural interface. If you are using multiple languages or even simply making changes to the default wording in Project Insight, then you associate a team member here. New languages or cultural changes are set up in the Global Settings, Culture & Interface Labels. If, for example, you work with team members in Spain, you may anchor a user in the Spanish language by selecting Spanish.

The font size option allows each team member to determine how large or small they would like to view the font inside of the application.

The next choices deal with how a user would like the solution to interact with email. If you select Use Email Client then when a team member sends an ‘email page’ out, Project Insight will pull up that user’s email client, whether it’s Outlook, Gmail or Lotus Notes, and more. The benefit of this is that you may leverage the address book and groups you may already have set up there.

If you would like the user to receive an email with a list of to-dos, tasks and updated items assigned to that person, then you may check off the checkboxes. Then you may decide what time of day the email will be sent.

If you allow users to edit their own profile in system roles, then they may change these settings if they wish.

Online 1/6/2015
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