Adding Resources - System Roles


System administrators, user managers


  • Understand the what 'users' are within Project Insight
  • Know how to add users


Let’s go over the system roles in Project Insight.

As a system administrator, you want to assign each user at least one role in the system. It is a good idea to know which role is appropriate for each person. Is he or she a team member only? A project manager? Or a manager that needs to report on all projects in the system? You will check off the appropriate check boxes for each individual.

The system administrator is the highest role in Project Insight. Limit to a few people and make sure each administrator is well informed and on the same page so that one admin doesn’t trump the other.

The designated support contact is a power user of Project Insight that will receive initial support inquiries from team members of large teams. If the designated support contact cannot answer the user’s question, he or she may then escalate it to Project Insight support and will be the liaison for the team. You will want to have at least 2 in the system.

User manager allows you to give someone the ability to add new people, companies, groups and users, without the power to add new folders or project spaces or accidentally change your permissions. If you’re growing a lot, and you have someone adding new users, you allow them to do add users without giving them full access to permissions.

There are three different levels of project manager roles in the software. The project creator system role gives the user permission to add new projects to the application. A user can have this unchecked and still be assigned as the project manager on a project or projects, yet would not be able to create the project itself. The third level is the project scheduler. A scheduler may be assigned at the project level. The scheduler may add, edit and assign tasks, but does not have access to the project financials.

The project template manager allows the user to set projects in the template state. This role offers you the ability to limit the number of individuals that can add project templates to your system.

Resource managers are able to assign resources and balance resource workloads on projects without being assigned to the projects themselves. Some organizations have staffing organizations. Individuals in this capacity should be marked as resource managers.

Issue manager role, allows the user to manage project issues, even those he or she may not be directly assigned to.

Time sheet and expense report approvers are those who approve expense costs and timesheets submitted from other team members.

Invoice manager role is typically an accounting person as well or a high level executive who may access all financials across the portfolio, and who may need to create, update and export invoice reports.

Online 1/8/2015
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