Administrative Event: "The network BIOS command limit has been reached" when using multiple server configuration with files stored via UNC Path

When you are running Project Insight with files stored on a remote server, if you have a large number of files in Project Insight, you may receive an error message in the Application Event Viewer.

 "The network BIOS command limit has been reached" under the Task category "File Monitoring"

By default IIS7 treats each folder underneath the root as part of the ASP.NET application.   By default, ASP.NET monitors each folder for changes to the directory to determine if a recompile is necessary.  When you have a large number of files stored on the remote server, that creates many sub folders, which IIS 7 attempts to monitor.   The monitor function uses SMB protocols and the server could exceed the limits of SMB communication.  

To solve the problem, add a new Application Pool named "No Managed Code" and select "No Managed Code" for the .NET Framework Version. 

Then change the "Sites" directory in Project Insight (the virtual directory pointing to where the Sites/Files location on the remote server) to an "Application."   To do this, right mouse click on the virtual directory and select "Add Application."    Then select the "Select" button next to the "Application Pool" and choose "No Managed Code."   

Performing these steps should resolve the problem because IIS will no longer monitor the folders below the "Sites" application since it no longer executes ASP.NET managed code.

Additional information on this specific error, including an alternative way to address the problem can be found in the Microsoft Knowledgebase article #810886.

The error message in your Windows Event Viewer on your Web Server may look like the following:

Exception information:
Exception type: ConfigurationErrorsException
Exception message: An error occurred loading a configuration file: Failed to start monitoring changes to '\\X.X.X.X\ProjectInsight\files\x6d85030675d413e84z06f6a1ce18b28\temp\xb35d13da4a746d2x3674fc1aaed79ba\fileName' because the network BIOS command limit has been reached. For more information on this error, please refer to Microsoft knowledge base article 810886.
Online 4/21/2011
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