Agile Features in Project Insight


These days, the pace is hectic and work is both structured and unstructured. You need a better way to manage both waterfall and agile work. Project Insight is flexible, allowing you to set up your own folder structure for backlogs, releases, sprints, user stories and more.

In agile, work is organized in shorter duration sprints, the most common being 1 week long, but you may make your sprints as long as you like.

With Project Insight, you may easily create new iterations or sprints by re-using a set of tasks from a template. You may include as many sprints as you need. Notice the backlog is listed below. Anything in the backlog may be dragged and dropped into an active sprint.

Here’s an example of a sprint focused on story points. 

Track your agile projects’ progress with burn down charts. The outstanding work or backlog is on the vertical axis, with time along the horizontal. It is useful for predicting when all of the work on a project will be completed. As with all data in Project Insight, you may run real-time reports on your agile projects. 


  • Reports and dashboards may be graphical or tabular
  • Use filters to select the data columns you prefer
  • You may create 100s of permutations of reports and combine those on your personal dashboard.

Online 12/9/2013
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