Agile - Transforming Your Leadership Character

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Project manager, business or operational manager, software developer, software tester, member of a PMO, member of a governance panel, quality assurance team member, or anyone in the IT department


People need better leaders to guide them, but they also have a desire to become better leaders themselves in many aspects of life, such as businesses, non-profits, sports teams, and more. Many corporate professionals and other practitioners in various disciplines pursue the goal of being solid leaders. But despite training and mentoring, these aspiring leaders still fall short of becoming the kind of leader who inspires others to deliver to the best of their abilities.

Based on extensive experience and observation, we all have leadership traits, but proactive efforts are needed in order to grow and transform these skills. The appropriate level of planning, nurturing, and execution can help leaders navigate the course from a non-starter to a resilient starter and finisher.

Shawn, Chase, and Mario are three personas who represent the leadership dispositions of resilient-starters, quick-starters, and non-starters and finishers. Their stories model the ways that you can use lean thinking and agility to transform your leadership character.


  • Discover your leadership character
  • Evaluate your leadership disposition
  • Determine the actions needed to shift your leadership disposition
  • Take action to becoming an intentional and effective leader

Online 4/21/2016
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