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Do you have questions? Ever wish you knew what made others "tick"? Is it as though you are not hearing the answers that you are seeking? If so, you may only be missing a few key questions...

Leaders ask a lot of questions. Leaders offer a lot of insight. Often many of the inquiries and offerings are terrific for guidance and growth. Somehow, some, if not many, leaders neglect four simple questions. These questions will provide insight to the motivators of their team members, ways to assess changes, ideas for improvements or things to keep the same, and an understanding of their team members like no other set of questions when asked and assessed in the right fashion with the intent of development and appreciation. It is not only the four questions that leaders enjoy learning to ask, but how to ask them, when to ask them, and what to do with the results that makes this webinar a winner for leaders at any point in their career who want to be cutting edge in discipline and approach and connected fully with their team!


  • Consider the respondent prior to asking questions
  • Think through timing and approach before asking questions
  • Temper tone and delivery when asking questions
  • Have at least four questions to ask to learn about family, colleagues and team members

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