Auto-Alerts & Other Email Notifications

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This video gives an example of how a System Administrator in Project Insight can change the default email notification templates such as the format and verbiage that users receive when receiving email auto-alerts and online notifications.
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Auto-alerts are set with default email send parameters which may be useful during the early phase of implementation, but are often too voluminous as the team usage matures. One simple method to address is to have a PI administrator turn all of the notifications in the System Level Auto Alerts to Onl... (more)
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If you would like to test an auto-alert in the project management software, keep a couple of things in mind: Set the alert for someone other than the person making the change. Project Insight assumes the resource knows what action they just took. For example, if I mark a task 100% complete, the... (more)
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· In Project Insight Version 12, we released our Resource Allocation Warnings and Notifications. This feature allows you to: 1) Set an Error Message in the Administration > Project > Settings section 2) Add the columns "Over Allocations?" and "Over Allocation Discovery Date" to ... (more)
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Bulk email to a list of users is performed using your preferred email client. It's easy to get the list of users into most client email applications with a simple copy and paste. 1. Go to the User List as a User administrator. 2. Make sure the email address column is exposed in your list. 3. Ex... (more)
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Do your team members ever forget to submit their time sheets? One way to remind your team members is to use the Unsubmitted Time Sheet Report, select a company/group/user to share the report with, and schedule the report to be distributed on a certain date/time. Here are the steps: Go t... (more)
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You can use Gmail as your client email application for mailto tags when using the Google Chrome Browser. Access the following link from your Chrome browser to install the plugin. Mailto: GMail This will set your Chrome browser so that when using the Email Page option in Project Insight, it will ... (more)
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The video briefly describes the Culture and Interface Labels administration section. Using the Culture and Interface Labels, you can change auto-alert email notifications templates, form labels, and change date, currency and number formats. The video is a brief overview on how to get started to ... (more)
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A brief explanation of the options, and how to set up system-wide auto-alerts in Project Insight.
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SMTP is used by both the Project Insight Web Application and the Project Insight Windows Service. The Web application simply sends email upon demand by the user (the Email Page feature) and the Project Insight Windows Service is used to send nightly reports and auto-alerts. To change these setti... (more)
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