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After installing or even opening Office application one day you may not see the the Project Insight Connector under the Add-Ins ribbon menu in Office. If that is the case please follow the troubleshooting steps below Click on Files in your Office application. Next click on "Options". ... (more)
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This article helps with installing the latest version of the Project Insight Outlook Connector and the Project Insight Office Connector. In Microsoft's latest update to Office 2016 they have changed information that the would write to a computer's registry where our Project Insight Connect... (more)
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Project Insight simplifies working with files in the cloud with Office Connector Add-On. This popular Connector works with the Microsoft Office Suite, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. To get started, your Project Insight (PI) Administrator needs to download and install the Connectors on your co... (more)
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Questions about this training? We've got answers! Post your questions here. Audience Team members, project managers, executives and administrators Description If your team uses Microsoft Outlook for email and/or Microsoft Office applications, these optional client side add-ons provide anot... (more)
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Audience Executive management, project managers, project schedulers, resource managers and team members Description If you are new to Project Insight and would like an overview the integration with Microsoft Outlook, this short video will provide you how Project Insight solves common busine... (more)
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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 have added security default settings which may prevent the use of .msi (Microsoft Installer) files from running unless they are specifically executed as an administrator. Some workarounds include writing .bat files and/or .exe files to execute the .msi fil... (more)
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Saving an email or file from the Connector applications may fail even though other functions work as expected. This failure to save the file or email may result in a "Please wait" dialogue box which does not go away until the application (Word, Outlook, etc.) is completely closed. This is a known... (more)
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Notifications are not specific to any desktop email program, but rather simple text-based emails sent from a generic SMTP server. Notifications via email are completely separate functions from the Outlook Connector features. Outlook is used as a separate application and the Outlook Connector allo... (more)
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