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In addition to your production instance of Project Insight, PI#enterprise provides development instance called the sandbox. What is the Sandbox? The Sandbox is like an alternate dimension of Project Insight. It looks exactly like Project Insight, but it's a blank slate. None of your... (more)
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Would you like to see some example uses for the PI Integration for JIRA? We did, so we made a video. TRANSCRIPT The PI Integration for Jira This integration allows each team to live in the application that's right for them. This video offers several examples of rolling up JIRA data ... (more)
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If you view sercurity messages in your browser console or run a third party tool for security checks against Project Insight, you may see a message with this warning: "A cookie has been set without the secure flag, which means that the cookie can be accessed via unencrypted connections". A... (more)
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The following are frequently asked questions regarding our Project Insight to JIRA connector. Project Creation: In reviewing the PI Integration for JIRA video, it looks like a project will need to be created in JIRA first then it will be added to a JIRA folder in Project Insight. Questio... (more)
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Project Insight offers a ‘hybrid option’ for its customers. If you prefer the convenience of a cloud solution hosted by us, yet have the security needs of an on premise edition, you may opt for the ‘dedicated server option’ that Project Insight hosts for your team. Benefits: Rapid implemen... (more)
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Your sales team uses Salesforce (SFDC) and your project managers use Project Insight. Keep them talking with the PI Integration for Salesforce! Precious project information is gathered in the sales stages of any relationship, and the PI Integration for Salesforce can push that information betwee... (more)
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The ProblemA new scanning technique that checks the SSL connection and JavaScript is now being deployed by various customers. This affects SaaS & dedicated Azure customers. It performs much like an anti-virus script scanning software, slowing down almost all AJAX and other JavaScript PI has. This ca... (more)
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Project Insight Hosted Security Project Insight’s hosted, cloud security is top notch. We provide transparency about our strong security levels and procedures for your review here. Uptime Rate Project Insight has a guaranteed system availability of 99% of total hours per month, excluding planned... (more)
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Let's make the visualization of Work Statuses simpler. What if all the work coming up in the next two weeks could be organized by its Work Status graphically and then easily adjusted by all resources? Look no further than the Project Insight project-level Kanban board: Check ou... (more)
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How do we create a personalized service experience from our Project Insight Support Crew? Visit our Project Insight Help Center to find out: Ramp up your response time using our Help Center Track the status of your inquiry in the "My Requests" page Self-serve options pop-up and answer yo... (more)
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