Resource Management

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There are two common reasons preventing the removal of a resource from a project: The resource is assigned to one or more tasks. Replace those assignments with somebody else and you'll be able to remove the resource. The resource is the only project manager on the project. Make somebody else a... (more)
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User is Inactive but still show up in reports? Making a user inactive after they have left the company will not stop a user from showing up in reports because the Active field only controls whether a user can log into Project Insight. The second role to consider disabling is "Project Resourc... (more)
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Resource allocation reporting has a different default when run from within a project as opposed to being run from the global reports interface. The difference in the report filtering is as follows. From within a project it filters to show only those resources on the current project, as oppos... (more)
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Short video showing the comparison between Capacity, Work (scheduled) and Actual Hours entered by the assigned task resources.
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Project Insight's Resource Report gets its claim to fame from cross project resource allocation forecasting. You can see the how busy your resources will be at a glance: This Resource Report can be so much more! By looking at historical data, you can view your resource's utilization based on ... (more)
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Alert on Over Allocation Project Insight offers functionality to notify project managers if they are adding a task that will result in over allocation of a resource or resources. PI administrators will find this in Administration, Projects, Project Settings, 'Enable Error on Over Allocation.' By... (more)
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The following System Roles will have the ability to see the Burden and Bill Rates for a user: System Administrator Project Report Viewer Invoice Manager Project Managers on their own projects (unless you change )
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We don't always know who will be working on the tasks we're scheduling in our projects, so it's good to be able to categorize those tasks by the skill set of the necessary resource. Project Insight allows you to label a task based on role, so you can more easily assign a single person to m... (more)
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As many project teams have resources that do not work 100% on projects, User Managers can vary the levels of allocation and capacity for each resource. Percent allocation is the default percentage of a person’s work day that should be booked for project or task work. Capacity percent ... (more)
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Some resources with full-time availability to the organization may have less than 100% availability for project work. For example, a technical resource may normally spend 70% of their time on support and maintenance issue and only have the remaining 30% of their time available for performing schedul... (more)
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