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How do I submit a feature request to Project Insight? To submit a feature request you can always email the feature so support, however the best method for submitting a feature request is to do in the Help Center where other customers can view your feature request and vote on which can help ... (more)
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How Do I Change the Email Address for the Notifications We Receive? A System Administrator in Project Insight can change the email address from our default '' to an email address with their own company domain. Navigate to your left navigation's Adminis... (more)
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Organize folders and permissions in Box to mirror those in Project Insight. A simple example is as follows (Project X is the name of the project contained in the Internal sub-folder of the Projects main folder): Project Insight: Projects > Internal > Project X > Documents Box: ... (more)
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Cannot Expand Left Navigation when clicking on the Headers? It has been discovered that using Chrome on a touchscreen device (laptop, tablet, etc) will not allow a user to expand or collapse the left navigation. One of the following methods will help alleviate the issue: Use your touchscreen ... (more)
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Whether you are getting some assistance from us for your implementation, or 'doing it yourself,' there are some 'homework' items to think about for your Project Insight set up. You will need to define the terms that appear in your pull down menus and select lists throughout Project Insight. ... (more)
by: Cynthia West in:    Project Insight Administration   
When it comes to project management, a PM’s resolutions are no different than any other person's resolutions. In the ever evolving world of project management, it’s important to stay on top of your game, ahead of your deadlines and in sync with your project teams. But of course, like Murphy’... (more)
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Need a starting point? We can provide code snippets for commonly used and asked about classes, methods and objects using the C# Client assemblies. We'll post snippets below for all to share and use as a guide for future integrations. You'll find plenty of examples for each class object... (more)
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If you invoice your customers prior to doing the work, you are using what you may call Retainers or Upfront Deposits. Many times we get asked how to handle Retainer/Upfront Deposits in QuickBooks when you also create and import invoice records from Project Insight. Here are the step-by-step ins... (more)
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Who should attend: Project managers, project schedulers Agenda: Learn how to determine your project start date by the required deadline or end dateRemove the existing predecessor on the last task, if there is oneGo to the first task on the project and create a dependency to the last task on the p... (more)
by: Wes Kliewer in:    Project Scheduling   
Project Insight does not calculate backwards from a fixed end date like Microsoft Project. However, you can set up your projects and templates to determine a project start date from your fixed deadline date. Once the project tasks have been set up with the work that must be accomplished to com... (more)
by: Wes Kliewer in:    Project Scheduling   
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