Dashboard - Charts, Graphs and Reports


Any Project Insight user, especially executives, sponsors, managers, but also team members, project managers, administrators, clients, partners, sub-contractors


  • Add pie charts, bar graphs and line charts to your dashboard
  • Learn how to insert saved or shared reports on your dashboard
  • Bring frequently used web pages within immediate view
  • Stream your comments and alerts in the notifications box


Now for the really cool stuff…..you may add graphs, charts, and saved reports to your dashboard.You may add project charts by going to display options, and selecting charts. You are able to choose from the different type of charts that are available, including issues, projects and resource allocation. This is an example of the projects by status pie chart.

If you are involved in capacity planning, then you may want to display the resource allocation graphical report shown here. This is a display of your total available resources in the line on top, and the resources you will need by skill set in the bar chart below. If you hover over each section, a tool tip will appear with the exact figures for that resource type role. You can also click on  section in the legend to turn it on or off.

Project Insight also allows you to add saved reports to your dashboard view. Simply add the reports box. Then choose the saved or shared report you want to show by clicking here and selecting it from the list. You may adjust the height of the box as you need. The width will be determined by the dashboard layout you select. If you find you need more room, then select a layout with a single box across.

You will notice that you may add a web page or a link to any page on the internet in an iframe as well. This may be useful for pointing team members to a corporate portal, a wiki or other highly utilized application.

You may also stream any comments, or updates on tasks, projects or other items, by subscribing to them with alerts. The user photos give it a social media look and feel that encourages people to collaborate and participate.

When you have a dashboard set up that you like, you may name and save it. This allows you to access your favorite dashboard within one click from the menu.

Online 3/2/2015
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