Create a Project - Display Options


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • Create your own default view of a project task list
  • Save various 'quick selections' using the display options


Once your have filled out the project add/edit form, click Save or Save and Display Project. You will see the task list with the default set of columns.

Because each team and project is unique, you may opt to depart from the Project Insight default task list view. It is simple to create your own views. Administrators may even opt to change the default view for the entire team.
Click the ‘display options’ icon . You may drag and drop the box anywhere on the page. To add columns to your task list view, select the data field from the ‘available columns’ on the left and double click it to move it to the ‘selected columns’ on the right. You may then use the up and down arrows to position the columns in the order you prefer.
If you know exactly where you would like to place a new column, first highlight the selected column on the right that you would like the new column to appear before. Next, find the column you want to add, double click the new column and it will insert itself just above the highlighted column on the right.

If you wish to remove columns from your view, highlight the fields on the right hand column and then double click them and they will be moved back to the left.

Now that we’ve departed from the default order, you will notice that our quick selection reads ‘custom selection.’ We can save this task list view for future use. Click the edit icon, we’ll name this one Resource type/role and click Save. Now it is on our list of quick views and can be chosen again from any project.

If you wish to make this view accessible to all team members on any project schedule, then check the box ‘available as global view.’ This will make the view appear on everyone’s quick selection list. If you wish to make this view the default for every project in the system and for every team member, then select the ‘global default view.’ (You must be an administrator to perform this function.) This is particularly popular if you are trying to simplify the view for basic team members.

Click the ‘update’  icon in the lower right hand corner, and your new task list will appear with your preferred columns.

Online 2/27/2015
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