Create a Project - Budgeting


System administrators, project managers, team members


  • Leverage budgeting fields to track project financials
  • Learn what the budgeting fields mean an how to use them


If you are using custom fields, then you may fill those out as well. Custom fields may appear in the general tab or have their own tab, depending on how your administrator decided to place them.

The time, expense and billing information tab is next. You may associate one or more companies or organizations with your project. This is useful for reporting purposes. For example, if you want to run reports on all projects that are currently active but just for this specific client, then this is where you set that up.

If you use contracts or rate cards, you may associate one or more contracts with a project here.

Cross functional teams or groups and departments may be linked to the project as well. Again, this is for reporting purposes.

If you wish to input the PO number or other number, you may use those fields as well.

The target budget information tab is used for recording high level project financials. You may input the total planned hours, rates, total labor costs, hard costs and the total on the top line. The second row is used if you are involved with client facing or billable projects. These values allow you to report on project budgets in real-time, comparing planned, target numbers against actuals.

If you do not want auto-calculations done, uncheck the auto calculate target values while entering box and then click Save.

Online 2/25/2015
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