Create a Project - From a Template


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • Create a new project from a template


It’s easy to create a new project from a template.

Select the folder or project space where you want the project to be stored. From there, you may add a project from the menu up top, or use the context-sensitive right click menu and select ‘add,’ then ‘project.’  Let’s collapse the left navigation to get a little bit more room.

This is your project add/edit form. Just give your project a name and select one of your project templates from the list. You may add a description if you want, then select the resources that will participate on your project. You can also identify additional project managers, schedulers and sponsors.

You can choose a project type which is useful for reporting on projects by category or type and rolling up projects in the portfolio section.

You may enter your project’s start date if you know it, and you can anchor your project in a work calendar. If the time zone is going to be different you can change that here.

For the moment, we’ll leave the project in planning state. When it becomes approved, we can mark it ‘Active.’ Simply go to ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Display Project’ if you’d like to see your project.

Notice that all of the summary tasks, child tasks, duration, work, and also predecessors have been carried over. Your templates may be as high level or as detailed as you wish.


Online 2/27/2015
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