CRM Integration with Project Insight

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software and Project Insight Integration

Many organizations want to share information between the sales and implementation teams. That’s why Project Insight has developed a CRM-Project Insight integration. Web Services APIs have already been created which connect these solutions, allowing the data to flow freely from one application to another.

Benefits for the project implementation team
•    Know when new projects on the horizon
•    Start to outline resources for projects in the pipeline
•    Keep up to date on sales communication with the customer

Benefits for the sales team
•    Know the status of your customer projects in real-time
•    No more calling the implementation team for project updates
•    Understand the bottomline revenue of each project

Integration points

CRM  to Project Insight
•    Kick off projects in Project Insight based on defined criteria in CRM
•    Automatically push account or client information from CRM to Project Insight
•    Transfer high level revenue targets from the opportunity to Project Insight
•    Integrate additional fields with Professional Services

Project Insight to CRM’s opportunity form
•    Pass project percentage complete back to CRM
•    Pushes the target billable revenue to the sales software
•    Transfer the estimate at completion to the CRM

Our Professional Services team can integrate countless other data points, either one way or bi-drectionally.

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Online 11/16/2016
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