Customize Your Project List on the Project Insight Dashboard


Any Project Insight user, team members, project managers, administrators, clients, partners, sub-contractors


  • Learn more about the Project Insight Dashboard and the projects that you are associated with
  • View the scheduled start and end date, project status indicators and the the percentage complete
  • Apply the 'On it' feature by selecting projects currently being worked on to shorten your list
  • Use the display options to sort how projects appear (start date, name, status)
  • One click access from the status indicator icon will take you to a full project status summary


The projects box on the dashboard is a list of active projects you are associated with. You will see the name of the project, the scheduled start and end dates, the percentage complete, and the project status indicator in red, yellow or green.

Just like the tasks, you are able to designate which projects you are working on using the ‘on it’ option. Click the blue check mark, to say that you are working on that project. Then you may shorten your list by clicking ‘on it.’

You also have the option to change how your projects show up using the display options icon. The default is to sort projects by start date, but you may choose end date, type or status. You may choose to display only projects of a certain type or types. Simply click on one or more selections to the right of the combo box. You may opt to include projects in planning state or more.

Don’t forget to click save if you made a change.

If you’d like to view the project status report of a project, simply click on the health icon. This will navigate you directly to the status report for more details.

Online 1/13/2015
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